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ACC Sky Deal Update – Message from the Editor – Sign Up Deadline Extended


Readers will, hopefully, be aware that in August the ACC launched a brand new ACC Sky Deal which allowed all Clubs to have Sky installed in their Clubs, including all Sky Sports Channels and At The Races, for a monthly cost of a maximum of £275 (excl VAT). The initial deadline for Clubs to opt into the deal was the 15th October. At the 15th October the minimum number of Clubs needed for the deal to go ahead had not been reached. We were, however, close to the number of Clubs needed so the decision has been made to extend the sign up date to 15th November to provide a final opportunity for any Clubs who have yet to make up their mines to opt into the deal. We hope that all Clubs will therefore give this deal a final consideration. We believe that this deal is very competitive and will save a large number of Clubs hundreds of pounds per month compared to the usual Sky Sports cost.


We have put together a list of some of the questions we have been asked regarding this deal on page 5 which I hope will assist Clubs which still have questions. The overriding point I would make is that this deal is intended to provide ACC Clubs with an affordable way to install Sky which the Club can then use to encourage existing members to use the Club more frequently and attract new members to join the Club.

The landscape for Clubs, and Pubs, has changed over the years and the only constant for Clubs now is that they have to provide a reason for people to become members and have to provide facilities for members to frequently visit the Club. Everyone has more entertainment and social options than ever before and Clubs have to understand that they have to compete for their custom to stay viable. Clubs are concerned, for example, about the threat that cheap alcohol from supermarkets pose and I understand these concerns. The answer is, of course, not to compete on price but to provide members and prospective members a Club environment where they want to visit and spend time and added value options such as Sky Sports sit alongside traditional Club activities such as Saturday night entertainment and good companionship as vital to encourage members to use the Club.

Club Committees must always be aware of the future and of the need to continually recruit new members to ensure long term viability and success. Sky Sports is, of course, not the only solution but I believe that it will help Clubs remain relevant and be a key selling point for both existing and new members. I therefore ask all Clubs to consider their option situation and consider whether the ACC Sky deal is right not just for existing members but if it is right for all the potential members it could attract to the Club. This is a one off opportunity which I believe will assist ACC Clubs in the long term but it can only happen with the support of ACC Clubs.

If you want to opt into the ACC Sky Deal, please phone 08442 411

ACC Sky Deal Details:


The ACC Sky Deal available to Clubs for £275 per month includes all 7 Sky Sports Channels, the ever popular At The Racing Channel in addition to over 60 entertainment channels. At a cost of only £275 per month a typical Club would only need to sell an extra 12 pints per game on Sky’s 116 Premier League games and 127 Championship games to cover the cost. The sport offered by Sky Sports also includes 20 Formula 1 races, every England International Cricket game, 360 Rugby Union matches, 800 hours of live tennis, 52 days of darts, 80 NFL games and the At The Races channel which includes daily racing action. Clubs wishing to take advantage of this offer, including free installation and two viewing cards, can opt into the deal by phoning 08442 411 880 or by visiting by 15th November.




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