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October 2008

Blue Book is “the expert in the office”

Philip Smith’s "Blue Book" on Club Law and Management has received an enthusiastic welcome from the world of Private Members’ Clubs.

This compendium of laws and rules — and just common sense — brought together by the Secretary of the A.C.C. is proving an invaluable guide through the maze of requirements laid on club officials’ shoulders by central and local government.

Two comments from Club secretaries that it is "easy to read” and “‘easy to understand" underline what the Secretary set out to do.

An early recipient of the book said: "lt’s like having an expert sitting next to you in the office." One of the most-praised features of the book is the section dealing with "real life" questions raised by Club officials and the answers given.

Regular readers of the Magazine will know that "Questions and Answers" is one of the most widely-read sections of the Club Law and Management feature.

With 20 years’ experience with the A.C.C., and having travelled thousands of miles visiting Conservative Clubs, Philip Smith knows the problems that confront officials. And he is aware of the difficulties that new legislation can impose on Officers – mostly part time — who are doing sterling work trying to keep their Clubs on a sound financial footing and comply with aspects of the law which sometimes seem difficult to understand.

Club Law and Management is available, in hardback, from the Association of Conservative Clubs, price £15. Full details are given on the back page of this Magazine.