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Membership Administration Programme

The A.C.C. is delighted to offer this bespoke membership administration program which has been developed by our computer experts as a result of many requests for this type of system. Today, more than ever, it is imperative for Club Secretaries to be able to monitor and utilise member­ship records to their best advantage. Whether you wish to write to lapsed members, chase up those members who are slow in paying their subscriptions, or invite your Honorary of Life Members to a special celebration, the A.C.C. MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM offers the perfect solution.

The program is simple to use, easy to load onto any PC running Windows 95 or later versions, and is excellent value for money. To order please go to

The MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM has been written specifically to be user friendly and make the Secretary's life simpler. The Program also has the necessary options to cater for those Clubs registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act, and is a vital aid in maintaining the membership records required for all our Member Clubs.

The Program is supplied on a CD-ROM, complete with detailed user guide, and takes only minutes to load onto your PC. Membership details are entered through a series of "fill in the box" screens and in next to no time, you will be up and running with this simple to use system. A help-line number is includ­ed as part of this value package.

A demonstration download of this software is now available from this website, the software will only allow you to enter details of up to 10 members but has all the features of the full-unrestricted version, which can be ordered from the A.C.C.

The download file is a self extracting zip file. Place this file in a temporary directory or folder and run it to install the demonstration system. This sets up icons for 'The ACC Membership System' and it's associated help file from which you can try the system out.

Version 3 Demo - Features

Download the Version 4 demo here.