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January 2007

Help at hand to deal with New Fire Rules

Clubs will be aware that the Regulatory Reforrn (We Safety) Order, 2005 came into force on lst October 2006.

As is often the case there has been a mixed response with some clubs complying by producing a fire risk assessment while many will have ignored the Order completely.

Those clubs that have ignored the Order face a potential legal and insurance problem should they suffer a fire or get a visit from the local Fire and Rescue Authority Service.

There is a solution, offered by Bennett Kaye, Chartered Surveyors. Bennett Kaye are the official A.C.C. recommended club valuers and are well-known
nationally by Conservative clubs as providers of valuations and club premises certificate plans. The firm has put together a package to provide Conservative clubs with a cost-effective fire risk assessment service.

This service is now available and is being provided nationally. It can come as a stand-alone exercise or as an extension to their insurance or balance sheet valuation service.

Clubs should consider what is offered in the Bennett and Kaye advertisement in this Magazine (page 14) or contact Graham Bennett at Bennett Kaye on
0845 260 5520.