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January 2007

A.C.C. Launches New Insurance Scheme with Marsh

The A.C.C. has been please to recommend the services of Marsh since 1995 when a new insurance scheme for our Clubs was agreed with Marsh, then known as Frizzells and, subsequently, Bowrings. During that time, a great deal of changes have taken place within the insurance industry. However, the A.C.C. recognise that Marsh continue to offer the best insurance package for Clubs on the market.

In order to continue to meet the high expectation of our Clubs, a new arrangement has been agreed which provides stability in terms of premium expenditure, comprehensive cover and a more straightforward approach to calculating the needs of individual Clubs.

The results of research carried out by our approved scheme's underwriters, Ace Europe, have shown that A.C.C. Clubs have consistently outperformed other Club Groups in terms of claims being made in relation to premiums being paid. This has led to a new scheme being introduced which is specifically for our own Clubs with premiums that only apply to us. Clubs which are not in the A.C.C. will not be offered the same cover for the same premium.

Ken Watson of Marsh has been working closely with Ace European and with the scheme launched on lst January 2007, we are pleased to publicise it on the back page of this Magazine.

The main features are interest free premium instalment plans, three year inflation busting agreements and a common renewal date with fixed prices
based on a banded matrix schedule of options.

All A.C.C. Clubs are entitled to take advantage of this scheme and, since this is the only recommended insurance scheme, it cannot be compared with other alternatives on the market on a "like-for-like" basis, a phrase so often used by desperate insurance reps.

More information on the scheme and articles on how the new scheme is being received by Clubs will feature in future editions.

By working together, A.C.C. Clubs can benefit from a collective strength that is not achievable by Clubs working and negotiating alone.

This new A.C.C. scheme is ours. I hope that all our Member Clubs will take the opportunity to benefit from it.