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New Service From Club Locums

Most readers know Club Locums as the company that advertises regularly in the Magazine and provides relief Stewards for holiday and emergency cover.

Club Locums’ managing director, Roger Clutterbuck, points out that this is, now, only part of the service his company provides.

In addition to holiday cover locums are supplied for sickness, hospitalisation and holding situations where a Steward is required whilst a new one is recruited and employed.

Mr Clutterbuck believes that an evolving part of the business can save clubs a very substantial amount of hard-earned revenue each year.

He says: "Clubs might like to consider, when their Steward/Stewardess retires, or leaves the Club, there is an alternative way of managing the wet and, importantly, dry sales which bring the bulk of revenue into clubs."

Club Locums offer a complete package of ‘hands on’ managing the whole of the operation. This includes the bars, food operation, arranging functions and doing the cleaning.

Mr Clutterbuck says: "The actual work load at every club differs but there are immediate savings by having Club Locums.

"The basics are that not only staff numbers can be reduced but, also, there is no National Insurance to pay as Club Locums’ couples are self-employed.

"There is no holiday pay as Club Locums Ltd will supply Stewards all the year round."

Clubs also have guaranteed stocks and no problem with sitting tenants in accommodation.

Mr Clutterbuck says that the total charges from Club Locums Ltd could be less than employing directly. Give Roger Clutterbuck a call on 01743 343435 to arrange a visit to discuss the service in more detail.