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March 2007

Reject non-SKY Premier League TV

Club Officers are reminded of the legal dangers of showing Premier League matches on tv obtained from a non-Sky source. The Premier League says it has launched more than 100 successful prosecutions against those showing the matches in the past two years.

The League has, also, started proceedings against a second satellite supplier - AV Station - following its previous case against QC Leisure.

The League has emphasised that it is committed to prosecuting the suppliers of illegal satellite equipment.

It also states that the only broadcaster with rights to show Premiership football in the U.K.

is BSkyB, with whom it has an exclusive contract.

In the September 2006 Magazine, A.C.C. Secretary, Philip Smith, warned Clubs that they faced prosecution and possible fines if they showed illegal transmissions.

He felt that the firms supplying the equipment and service should be prosecuted rather than Clubs, which he believed were being "hoodwinked."

Some Premiership football clubs have indicated they may call for licence reviews of pubs showing foreign satellite football near their grounds. A Portsmouth licensee has been found guilty of five copyright offences relating to a Greek satellite channel.