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Mike Stringfellow was made to feel very welcome on his recent visit to the Preston Conservative Club. Mike is a retired English footballer who played 14 seasons as a winger for Leicester City in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a member of the Leicester side that lost against Manchester United in the 1963 FA Cup Final, and scored one of the goals when the Leicester City won the League Cup the following season with a 4–3 aggregate win against Stoke City. During his playing career he scored nearly 100 goals as a left-winger.

Whilst visiting the Club Mike also apologised for an incident occurring more than 50 years ago. Preston Conservative Club Manager, Philip Mason, hails from Leicester and has always been an avid supporter of Leicester City FC since he was a small child. At the age of 10, Philip’s father took him to watch a home match and stood behind the goal. Mike aimed for a goal from 10 yards out but struck the post. The ball ricocheted towards the terrace and smacked into Philip’s young face with some force. At the time Mike did run over to say how sorry he was.

It was whilst he was holiday in Torbay that he visited the Preston Conservative Club and took the opportunity to apologise to Mr Mason. He enjoyed a meal in the Club’s Restaurant and a pleasant evening in the Club’s Lounge. Philip was overjoyed to welcome Mike to the Club and made him very welcome.














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