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May 2007

Smoking Ban (Further Update)

Further to my article in last month's edition of the Magazine. Al clubs are reminded that the smoking ban comes into force in England at 6.00am on 1st July. All Club premises must become smoke free and at least one 'No Smoking' sign must de displayed at every entrance/exit to the Club.

The Government have said that four A5 'No Smoking' signs will be provided, free of charge, to all public houses and clubs, and that these will be posted during May and June.

Fines will be incurred for not displaying signs. There will be an evaluation within three years, of whether signs will continue to need to be displayed.

An individual smoking within a club will initially receive a fixed penalty of £50. If the same individual repeats the offence, then fines will increase to £200. If a club fails to prevent a Member from smoking within the club premises then the club can be fined £2,500.

A club may be able to show that action was taken in order to prevent a Member from smoking by:-

* Requesting the individual to put the cigarette out.
* By having witnesses to this request.
* By entering details in club records to this effect.

If the Club can show they did everything possible to prevent smoking they will probably escape a fine.

In last month's edition we produced details of what would constitute an acceptable outside smoking area. Interestingly, clubs will still be able to sell cigarettes and although I think this other matter of interest will only apply to a handful of our Members, the taking of snuff will continue to be permitted!

In last month's edition of the Magazine I included a reference to the fact that several Bingo Clubs were to be closed ahead of the introduction of the ban.

Since writing that article, Punch Taverns, the U.K.'s largest Pub Group, have
announced that 1,000 public houses, which currently make up part of their estate of over 9,000 outlets, are to be sold.

The outlets to be sold are those which are small are drink-led, rather than food-led operations.

Decisions being made by leading companies within the commercial sector of the leisure industry are of great concern to our sector of leisure industry which, as all know, is managed on a non- commercial voluntary basis.

The ACC will continue to keep Clubs up-to-date concerning this matter.