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Beware The Till Roll Touts

We have received a number of complaints from Clubs about "Merchant Retail Supplies".

This company operates a system of telephoning Clubs, and other licensed premises, asking for orders to be taken for till rolls. It seems the company will often send large quantities of till rolls to Clubs, addressing goodsto employees who either never ordered them or, unwittingly, agreed to purchase them, being unaware of the difficulties which arise.

Our advice is to instruct all staff not to give their names or to enter into any discussion with any cold caller – however plausible they may sound.

Our advice to Club Officers is not to pay any invoice for till rolls - however threatening communication from this company may become.

lf till rolls have been delivered to your Club, simply write to ask for them to be returned and refer the matter to your local Trading Standards Office.

Bills for £150, increasing to over £400, are not uncommon.

Sadly, it seems that some Clubs and other establishments, do pay for till rolls even if they have never been ordered on the ground that they cannot cope with the alleged bullying tactics of this company.

Many Clubs may recall a similar method of sales earned out by Gem Hygiene U.K. based in Sheffield.

This company worked on the same basis of making hundreds of telephone calls to public houses and Clubs and simply delivering huge quantities of cleaning fluid, with each delivery being followed by a string of threatening communications demanding payment.

A.C.C.’s advice to Clubs in such a position is to "keep your nerve" and do not part with any cash.