Dear ACC Clubs,

In light of the updates regarding Coronavirus and the possibility of future interruption to ACC Services we wanted to write to ask Clubs to formally sign up to our email mailing list by following this link:

Please also keep checking our specific updates page for announcements regarding this situation and the help which is available to Clubs:

The ACC is set up for remote working should it become necessary for our central London office to close or to reduce its hours. Currently we are working as normal and can respond to emails, phone calls, letters and product orders.

If restrictions are placed on the ability of ACC employees to access our offices, then email correspondence will be the best way to contact us; followed by phone calls which should still be diverted to ACC employee mobiles. However, any restrictions on accessing our offices could affect our ability to produce and distribute the monthly magazine, to process product orders and reply to postal correspondence.

Could we therefore ask Clubs to sign up to our mailing list above so we can keep you updated regarding any news or information affecting the virus or other important legislation changes or updates. We are currently working on guidance for Clubs on the announcements in the budget and hope to distribute this guidance in the April Magazine and through our email distribution list.

We would also suggest that if you are thinking of placing product orders with us that you place these as soon as possible so that they can dispatched prior to any possible disruption to our postal services.

Products can be ordered here:

Currently though it is business as normal and we are able to assist Clubs with any issues which they may have.

Charles Littlewood
Deputy Chief Executive

Conservative Clubs can be found all over the U.K. Some of our most popular Clubs with the strongest membership are to be found in the safest Labour seats.
The title of your local Club could either be Conservative, Constitutional, Salisbury, Beaconsfield or Unionist, or any combination of these titles, but these Clubs all have one thing in common – they are members of the ACC and share similar objects in providing social and sporting venues for their members.

If you wish to join a Conservative Club or find out more about the ACC then please write to me at the address given below. If you would like to use your local Conservative Club for an event then please contact the Club Secretary.

Philip Smith, Lord Smith of Hindhead CBE
A.C.C. Chief Executive & Conservative Party Treasurer




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