Club Law and Management: Questions & Answers

A follow up to Club Law and Management, published in 2007 by Philip Smith, comes a book dedicated to popular Questions and Answers.  From our day to day experience of assisting Private Members’ Clubs creates a useful reference guide to the many questions that Clubs find themselves asking. With sections of Membership issues, Committees and Committee Meetings, Licensing issues, Finance and Taxation, Employment, Gambling and General Meetings we hope this will prove an invaluable reference guide to Club Committees throughout the UK.

Each question is one that has been genuinely raised by a Club and we hope that the answers which are set out within this book, grouped together in specific subject areas, prove to be a valuable addition to any Private Members’ Club and as an aide to hard working Officers and Committee Members.

The challenges of managing a Club on behalf of its Members remain constant. New legislation and regulations need to be understood but at the same time a clear understanding of basic procedures, such as running a meeting or dealing with a disciplinary matter must also be mastered.

The phrase that is often said by those who read the Q&A pages in the monthly ACC Magazine is, ‘Well that’s just common sense isn’t it?’ and we are pleased by that reaction since the best advice or guidance is usually sensible and straightforward. The purpose of this book is to make those sensible solutions more commonly known and also to provide information on some of the more niche questions which we have also included within this Questions and Answers book.

Price: £10.00





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