Club Law & Management Book

Club Law and Management for Private Members Clubs

Philip Smith’s Club Law and Management guide has received an enthusiastic welcome from the world of Private Members’ Clubs.

This compendium of laws, rules and just common sense – compiled in full from his experience as Secretary of the Association of Conservatives Clubs and Chairman of the Committee of Registered Clubs’ Associations (CORCA) – is proving an invaluable guide for Clubs around the Country. Helping Clubs navigate through the maze of requirements laid on club officials’ shoulders by central and local government, his book aims to be the definite guide on most problems faced by Clubs. From employment law through licensing regulations to Committee functions and powers, Club Law and Management aims to present all the crucial information required for the day to day running of Private Members’ Clubs in an easy to read and understand way.

Comments from Club officials have included ‘an invaluable guide’, ‘easy to use’ and ‘It’s like having an expert sitting next to you in the office’. One of the most praised sections of the book deals with ‘real life’ questions. These are questions posed to Philip Smith on a day to day basis which he has answered in a comprehensive Q & A section included within the book. The Association of Conservatives Clubs exists to protect and support Conservative Clubs across the Country and whilst this book was written with them in mind, Philip Smith has made sure it is applicable to all Private Members Clubs whatever their affiliation or social purpose.

With over 20 years’ experience with the Association of Conservative Clubs, Philip Smith knows the problems that confront Club officials. He is aware of the difficulties that new legislation can impose on officers – mostly part time – who are trying to keep their Clubs on sound financial footing and comply with aspects of the law which sometimes seem difficult to understand and implement.

Club Law and Management has proved to be hugely popular since it was originally published in August 2008 and remains one of the most up to date and useful sources of information for Private Members Clubs currently available.

Chapters include:
Types of Clubs – IPSA or Unincorporated
The Licensing Act 2003
The Gambling Act 2005
Committee, Officers and Members – duties, obligations and disciplinary procedures.
Finance and Accounts
Employment – including Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
Rules and Regulations – with sections on Equipment Leasing, Pubwatch and the PRS Meetings
Commonly asked Q&A’s.

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