Joint Contract of Employment for Steward and Stewardess – Contract Pack – 2 Copies

The ACC are pleased to supply a range of Employment Contracts.  These contracts are designed specifically to comply with the needs of ACC Clubs and are produced to a high quality with a glossy finish. All Contracts were fully revised and updated in March 2015 and are compliant with all current UK legislation. We recommend that all ACC Clubs use our current contracts of employment for their employees.

All Contract Packs include an employee grievance policy handbook and an employee disciplinary policy handbook which should assist both Clubs and employees when these issues arise.

The Steward and Stewardess Joint Contract Pack is designed for Clubs who enjoy and Steward and Stewardess to manage the Club’s Bar.

This Contract pack can be used for employees who live on the Club’s premises and comes with a specifically drafted Service Occupancy Agreement for the employees to sign in relation to their accommodation.

Steward and Stewardess Joint Contract

Appropriate for a Club employing a Steward and Stewardess on a joint contract of employment with or without accommodation included. Each Contract pack includes:

  • 2 x Club Steward and Stewardess Contract
  • 2 x Service Occupancy Agreement
  • 2 x Club Disciplinary Policy
  • 2 x Club Grievance Policy

£25.00 including VAT

Price: £20.83





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